Hull/Running Gear Cleaning


Keeping your hull,props,running gear,outdrives,keel,and thru hulls clean from barnacles,oysters,mussels,moss and algae is very important.When these are clean your boat will be faster , you will save fuel, keep the engines from straining, overheating ,prevent ac and  pumps from burning up.Regular cleanings will extend the life of your bottom paint. You can avoid costly repairs,have better performance and save lots of fuel with your powerboat. Your sailboat will be a lot faster and maneuverable when it’s clean .Our scheduled cleanings will make you and your boat/yacht happy !


Maintaining zincs/sacrificial anodes is likely the most important part of our services to protect your boat/yacht from harmful electrolysis and galvanic corrosion. The marinas have a lot of stray electric currents that will eat up your expensive props, shafts,bow thrusters,outdrives and thru hulls. Actually all metals touching the water are vulnerable and very expensive to replace. With our scheduled maintenance services you can keep your yacht/boat protected and enjoy it without worrying !

Search & Recovery

Zincs/Anode Replacement


We offer pre purchase inspections for your confidence before buying or negotiating.We also do inspections for pre sale,sea trial  or survey to address problems such as vibrations,noise ,suspected prop,rudder.keel ,running gear damage, entanglements,checking zincs/anodes and paint life with experienced  report  in or out of water . We can do inspections with pictures andor videos also.

We do lost item recoveries such as glasses,phones,jewelry,tools,parts ,furniture etc. and have found about  everything possible including outboards!

We can untangle your props ,rudder,keel or whatever is stuck on them from docklines,debris ,crab traps,fishing line and even tires ! We have found some pretty crazy things attached to customers boats ! If you run aground or think you hit something causing noise,vibrations or performance problems just give us a call before it causes any damage problems !

We can perform many  types of salvage and recovery  operations big and small working with our national partners .